More than enough

I recently heard a sermon titled, “More than enough”. It was simple in nature, God is more than enough for us. But my mind starting racing with all of the ways someone could miss the message or push back against it and the main point being, what does enough mean to you? We all have different perspectives on “enough” and you may hear and visualize a scenario that is far different than me. I struggle with the message because my “enough” is a moving target. If I want something I do not currently have then I would be in a state of not enough. Are you following me here? 

My definition of enough is also what defines whether I believe God is enough for me. That feels a little gross even as I type it, but the truth is what it is, right? How do we overcome our own definition and come to accept the truth, which is that God is enough for all of us all the time? I’m coming to understand that it comes from having a grasp on two words, surrender and sufficiency. Both of those words hinge on one over arching theme, faith. Do I have the faith to surrender my will and my ways to those of Jesus? And then, do I fully trust that He is, in every way, sufficient for me? If we can learn to continually say yes to those two questions then it’s simple, God is more than enough.

The guest speaker that preached on this was phenomenal, I bet he said the phrase, “more than enough” over thirty times. And not to dumb it too far down but I think that’s the answer for us, consistency. If you’re like me then you would probably benefit from hearing that God is enough thirty times a day. We’re human and so we forget or get overwhelmed or make excuses and we need the reminder, we need to surrender. Once we’ve surrendered, which again, is a daily task, then we can take advantage of the sufficiency that God offers. Do you know what is waiting for you after that? Peace. God promises peace to those that live in him. To those that trust him. God is more than enough to give you peace.

The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.

Psalm 29:11

Guided Prayer: Holy Spirit, will you be my constant reminder? Help me surrender my thoughts and actions to those of Jesus. I want to feel your presence in my life and feel the sufficiency that you provide. You are more than enough. Amen.

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