Ants Moving Mountains

My wife and I recently got back from a trip to Utah. Immediately, the mountains were breathtaking. For us, being from Georgia, we are not used to seeing mountains surrounding us on all sides. It was incredible. That was when the thought first jumped into my head. We are beyond small. As humans, we are not much different than ants. When you get up high enough, looking down, people look like ants. I felt an overwhelming sense of insignificance coupled with respect. In the same way that I felt small, I realized how big and talented our God is. He created those enormous mountains and he created us and ants. We were created by the same God that formed mountains and oceans and deserts, etc. More than that, the bible tells us that we are his favorite creation. It tells us that we can move mountains and that mustard seed size faith can uproot trees and move them to the ocean. 

I would venture to say that many, if not all of us, are in the “never moving literal mountains” category, but that does not mean the power to do so is absent. I am learning that one of the most delicate things in this life to balance is the truth that we are beyond small but have vast power through the authority of Christ. And I think this is the balance we need to lean into. Maybe the goal is to hold in tension both insignificance and significance. Go places and see things that remind you how small you are. Search for things that prove the talent of our heavenly father and use those to remind you that He also created you. He created you to move the very mountains that put you in awe. He created you to move trees to the ocean, the same ocean that may terrify you in its vastness. 

My hope is that this is not overly complicated or philosophical. It truly is quite basic in nature. This dance that we are in is delicate and beautiful and life giving. We have power beyond measure through our gracious God. We have the strength to tame the seas, but we don’t have those things apart from a relationship with the one who made us. Remind yourself often that you are small but don’t stop there. Remember that you have a purpose and significance. Take a few minutes each day and think about ways to put yourself in a position to be in awe of God. Seek out moments and views that are a reminder of who our creator is. Feel the weight of being so small and so helpless. And then remember that you are not those things when you are with God. You are powerful. Your prayers do matter, and you can make a difference. We need to feel the tension between these two points. Learn this delicate dance and never stop dancing. 

1 thought on “Ants Moving Mountains

  1. Very well written. It is so true. We are ants in comparison to what God has created and we can move mountains in our every day life!


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