Come to me

How often do you find yourself praying these words in some form or fashion? I bet you ask God to do something that sounds more like Him moving in your direction than it does you in His. I have found myself in this pattern of language, always asking God to come closer or for the Spirit to spend time with me and near me. I think, in practice, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I have found that it can be crippling. Scripture says:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Do you notice how the equation is flipped? The conversation is not us at the center but God. We are the ones who need to be moving.

What if instead of asking God to meet us, or come to us, or do things for us, we went to meet him? What if we were the ones to move? What if we showed up to do our part more often instead of asking and/or expecting Him to do all of the work. If you are a believer, His work is done, He lives in you, therefore cannot get any closer to you. It is our job to understand His proximity to us and realize that we are the ones missing the meetings. We are the ones procrastinating. He is waiting expectantly for you to show up like you said you would. To call like you said you would. He already came 90 all you have to do is go the other ten. 

It’s similar to the scene in Hitch when Will Smith is explaining to Kevin James how to kiss a woman. He says, “you go 90% and let her (Allegra Cole) come the last 10%.” God has already come 90% by sending Jesus to earth to die on a cross. Our job is small, but it requires movement. It requires action on our end. Here is where this is coming from. I often find myself asking God to come to me. To bring about some change in my life by Him entering it. The thing I have realized over time is that He never moves. We are the ones that move forward and backward throughout our lives. God is fixed in position, and patiently waiting for us to make a move. It matters to Him that you move. I believe that our individual relationship matters a great deal to Him. Your one on one time with God is special to Him. Whoever you are, wherever you are, God is there and He wants to be a part of what you are going through. 

My challenge to you is this, instead of asking God to join your journey, try to join His. Work, on your end, to be closer to Him. This looks like reading scripture, praying, listening to music that brings you closer to Jesus, etc. Do the work that you have to do and trust that He will be there waiting for you. I’m not sure of many things in this world, but that one I know to be true, He will be there and he’ll be so glad to see you.

2 thoughts on “Come to me

  1. This is beautiful Kelly. It has hit the spot this morning. I’ve missed your emails. Thank you for your insight. Do I see pastor in your future?


    1. Thank you for the kind words! I took a bit of a break from writing but should be back to posting regularly again. I don’t know about pastor!!

      Thanks for reading them🙏🏼


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