“Whenever sovereignty allows something that is not pleasant, always remember that it is also not random.”

– Somewhere in the Bible app

How do we plant in a drought? How do we have faith when the crop isn’t producing? God shows up for the farmer. He will show up for us. 

Gardening has given me some, albeit minimal, insight into farming. Farmers have to have a lot of faith and also deal with the uncontrollable, constantly. How do they hold up during a drought? How do they keep working when things aren’t producing like they thought? If a man reaps what he sows, how do we continue to sow good seeds in despair? I think the answer lies somewhere in between discipline and surrender. 

Things in 2020 have been stressful, beautiful, scary, necessary, and provoking. It’s never easy in the middle. It’s dark and unknown but not random. Testing of faith is really testing of disciplines. What did I do to prepare for this? How do I continue in those things? Those disciplines were created for the uncomfortable. Practice for the game. Sowing to reap a harvest, later. 

I’ve learned lately that discipline, while necessary, is not all that I need. I am learning to embrace surrender and figure out what it really means. Discipline can only do so much. There are times when surrender is the answer. God wants us to give things over to him, not just work our way out or through. Surrender is the active pursuit of giving up. I find that it is not easy to give things up but it brings peace when done intentionally. Surrendering requires enormous faith that the dark will eventually turn to light. The thought of giving up is a tough one but sometimes we need to do just that in order to realign with God’s plan. Surrender allows us to get back on track with God.

Next week I will post more about the tension between surrender and discipline. It can be challenging but we are called to navigate that tension and trust the one that provides.

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