I write a fair amount about gratitude and showing it often. The past few weeks I have been thinking of ways of incorporating Easter into a blog. It has occurred to me that Easter is the greatest opportunity we have to show thanks. But do we do it all year long?

I love seeing the celebration of death and resurrection. It’s odd to celebrate someone dying but when we think about the gravity of that death it makes more sense. This week I have thought more about the celebration, what are we celebrating and how do we continue to celebrate? 

Jesus came to die. I know that to be true. But can you imagine living a life knowing that your sole purpose was to die, and it be gruesome? Why would someone, even Jesus, do that? It’s because it was a gift to us. The greatest gift ever given. But the gift is not just in death, the true gift is in life, the resurrection. That’s what we are really celebrating, right? 

1 peter 1:3 tells us that we are given new life because of the resurrection of Jesus. Each day is an opportunity to be grateful for and celebrate this new life that we have. Celebrating the death of Jesus is weird but the resurrection is what makes Him different. It’s what makes us different. We are changed because of the empty tomb. We have access to a life that we did not earn, nor do we deserve, but we get it every day. It is referred to as living hope. 

Back to the earlier question, how do we celebrate and acknowledge a living hope all year around? In an effort to simplify a list, here is what I have come up with: 

  1. Pray and pray often. There is no better way of saying thank you than to spend time with the one who gave the gift. Spend time with God. 
  2. Acknowledge grace. Never forget that the living hope we have is undeserved. Knowing that we actively sin, regularly, it is worth remembering and acknowledge the grace that He shows us. The grace that was present on the cross and even more when the tomb was empty. 
  3. Share with earnest. While we are here to celebrate and live life to the fullest, we are here even more to share the message and good news of living hope. Be an example and make sharing the message a part of your day. In some small way, work toward sharing, with your unique gifts, the blessing that was and is the resurrection. 

If you have some thoughts on things to incorporate I would love for you to share them!

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