When faith gets tested

The verse tattooed on my side reads, “this matter is in your hands. We will support you so take courage and do it.” Ezra 10:4. It’s an action verse because I tend to be an action person. If there is no progress, then it does not matter to me. It has been a fairly black and white theme for me over the years. 

But what about now? This matter is not in my hands. In fact, it could not be any less in my hands. I have zero control over the current state of things. I have limited control of the income situation in my house. I can’t control who gets sick and who doesn’t. I can’t control the stock market or what happens to the housing market. I can’t control whether or not restaurants are open. 

I can control my mindset and my attitude. I can control the love I share with others and the time I spend checking in with friends. I can control the way I respond to a situation like this. Don’t get me wrong, all of those things in my control are important, but they don’t change anything. They don’t change the fact that we have a mortgage to pay and other bill obligations. My attitude does not change the fact that I can’t go to my favorite food establishment and enjoy dinner with my wife, or lunch with my family.  

So, knowing that this matter is very much NOT in our hands, how do we respond? We practice. Faith doesn’t exist without testing. Faith does not exist in the absence of fear and unknowing. Faith is required when the matter is not in your hands. Faith is required, now. How will you respond? Will you practice faith? What does it even look like to practice faith? 

It means showing up each day with a grateful heart. Grateful to have another day to stress over. Thankful to have the people you have around you. It means praying more. It means surrendering your worries and taking a deep breath. We have an opportunity, in real time, to practice our faith. If you have been going to church, reading the Bible, doing devotions, etc., this is it. The game is here. The battle is here. Will you have faith? Will you believe in something that seems to be so far away, right now? Will you stand in the presence of doubt and fear and choose to believe?

I will. I hope you’ll join me. 

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