Get Simple

Our world has somehow gotten smaller these last couple of weeks. We thought technology was connecting us like never before, now look at us. Will things go back to “normal?”

Here comes some real philosophical talk, what is normal? I did a lot of thinking and personal writing last year on the phrase, new normal. Our normal is always changing, which is super ironic. 

Experts are saying that we will see more technological advancements in the next ten years then we saw in the last one hundred years. That is mind blowing. Think about all of the things that have happened in the last century, we just stopped using horses for transportation! Something as drastic as going from horses to Tesla’s is about to happen in the next ten years. Without getting too weird and sci fi on you, this whole COVID 19 craziness is potentially speeding things up even more. 

So, how do we hang on to normalcy? How do we adapt without losing the things that bring us stillness and peace? The faster the world moves around us, the more time we need to devote to slowing down and breathing. 

Reading and writing are two disciplines that cannot be done quickly, at least I haven’t found a way. I think both are essential for me to maintain my sanity. Our thoughts need to slow down, our brain appreciates the time. It took me a while to get around to the point of this blog, but here it is. I think the way we best grow in times like this, when technology is booming and connection is everywhere, is to slow down. Enjoy the simple things like a morning cup of coffee, or a lazy hour watching Netflix. Routine is good and you all know I’m a fan, but these times are unprecedented, and I think stillness is key to navigating them. If you already read and write, do more, if you haven’t before, maybe explore? We don’t fight fire with fire, we fight it with water. Be the opposite of crazy and confusion. Get back to the basics of life. Get simple. 

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