Not today

I don’t always have the words. I frequently get asked how I decide what to write about or how I go about reading the Bible. Sometimes they go hand in hand. The more I study the more I have to write about. But sometimes they don’t go together. Sometimes I read and still can’t seem to come up with anything of substance to write about. It is in these moments where I am learning to be still. There is no external pressure for me to write every week. The pressure I feel comes from within. I put the pressure on as if you need to read what I have to say. The reality is that’s not true. You may gain from reading things I write but if I let that control me then the writing won’t be for me anymore. I have tried to make this clear but I’m my own worst enemy. The truth is, I write for me, I share for you. In my mind that order can’t change. My motives have to be pure and I do my best writing when it’s genuine and in order for that to happen it has to impact me. As selfish as it may sound, I have to come first. 

With every word I type I am become more assured of myself and the writing I get to do. This is not a job but a hobby. I want to keep it that way. So, instead of stressing this week and fabricating a blog that is not really something I’m working through, this is what you get. 

Now that I am going to share it, I hope that you can assess areas of your life where something may have started out as a thing you did for yourself but has transformed into something you do for others. Don’t give up things that light you on fire. Be selfish sometimes. When you decide to be selfish, your best work will positively impact all of those you are afraid of letting down. Take some time and think through the ways you can be true to yourself and not to everyone around you. We benefit when you are at your best. 

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