It ain’t easy

Being a Christian is not easy. I heard someone recently say that Christians are outlaws. It isn’t cool to be someone that reads and quotes the Bible, or stops midday to pray for someone, etc. I am reading through Acts right now and it’s interesting to see how the Apostles were treated and their demeanor in general. They were on a mission. 

…rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.

Acts 5:41

I have to believe that coming off the death and resurrection of Jesus had something to do with it. Can you imagine the belief level they had to have had? Coming off the greatest event in history and the thing that they may have doubted ended up coming true. It’s like waiting up for Santa, not really expecting him to come down the chimney, but then he does. You would call everybody in your phone, you would post pictures, you would tell everyone you saw that you saw Santa and he is in fact real. Knowing that other people don’t believe in Santa, nor having seen him, you would be considered looney. Additionally, if you continued to press people about the reality of Santa, you would be different, always. Even if other people bought in or had similar experiences, that whole new group of Santa believers would be labeled as weird, unrealistic, unreasonable people. 

I realize that’s a silly analogy, but is it really? How do you feel about talking about Jesus? Does it come natural to you? If you’re like me it’s awkward and always filled with unnecessary anxiety. I believe in my heart that Jesus is real and that all the things he did were real but when trying to describe that to others or to try and explain that he is living among us now and that we have a spirit that dwells in us, it’s all a bit weird. It’s not easy to believe and it’s not easy to be a believer. People will judge you. They will write you off. They will avoid you. And what is even crazier than all that is that those same people will also be drawn to you and won’t understand why. God is comical like that. 

Here is what I have found. People yearn to know more. They want an explanation to all of life’s questions. Christians have the answer, it’s Jesus. No, that is not a cop out, it’s the truth. But we as Christians also have to realize that it is an honor to be mocked, or avoided, or unfollowed. That just means it’s working. Your influence is having an effect. The word Christian is becoming less popular because those that assume the title don’t always live the life. I can’t control other people and you can’t either. Be authentically you and the spirit will do the rest. Remember you don’t have the power to save, but the stakes are high. 

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