Do you rest?

With my new job comes a new schedule. A more flexible schedule but more internal expectations to get things done. I crave productivity. I have to be moving the needle in some area of my life at all times. I hate the feeling of stagnation. Why is this an issue for me? Because I struggle to rest well. I can sleep like a rock, even take a nap on que, but I don’t rest. I am learning that there is a difference between sleep and rest. Our body and minds need alternate forms of rest in addition to the physical activity of sleep. 

It is difficult for me to sit in one spot and simply be. Not work on anything, not have some agenda, not be productive. Even reading for me tends to become a task, something to be done and learned from. It is rare that I allow myself to read for the simple pleasure that reading can bring. It feels wasteful to do that. It feels wasteful to do things that are not advancing me, period. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money motivated or career driven, I just have to keep moving forward. That’s my issue. Is it yours, too? 

Wondering what to write about this week, this felt relevant and necessary. It felt like something that others could relate to. Productivity never stops. It doesn’t have to. I can listen to a podcast, learn something, and feel like I accomplished something with that time. It was not wasted. Every second of the day can be filled with some form of content that makes us feel productive. The huge negative to this is that we never really rest. Our minds need rest and when we’re constantly filling them, they don’t get it. I need to view rest as a productive piece of my day.

Is it okay to do nothing? It’s like I need permission to be inactive. Well, at this point, I am giving myself permission to feel okay with rest. I hope you’ll do the same. Make your world a little slower. I’m hoping that it will allow me to reflect and then engage more fully with those around me. It is okay to do nothing, sometimes. 

4 thoughts on “Do you rest?

  1. Thank you for this message. I can relate and need to have affirmation that it is OK to decompress without doing a single thing. I struggle as a professional and a mother to be accepting of a “time out”.


    1. I’ll affirm it, it’s OKAY!! Take a time out, Gina.


  2. You are your father’s son!


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