What if it’s a storm?

The story of Jesus walking on water is a crowd favorite. Everybody knows it or at least has heard something about it, right? But what happened before he walked on the water? Why was he walking on the water in the first place?

He was walking to reach the disciples that were in the midst of a storm, one that Jesus sent them into. Jesus knows all. And Jesus told the disciples to get in said boat and go ahead of him. Can’t we assume that Jesus knew the waters would be rough, the wind against them?

What if Jesus sends us into storms?

When I heard Nolen (my pastor) say those words it struck a cord. That’s the fear I’ve been feeling. He put words to my anxiety. As I make the transition from one profession to another, as I follow what I believe to be the will of God, this is my greatest fear. What if it’s a storm? I tend to be a worst-case scenario person when it comes to my life. If it’s you, I’m super positive, but if it’s me, I’m usually envisioning the worst possible outcome. And throughout the decision-making and announcement phase of this transition, I’ve had an underlying fear, what if it’s a storm? What if it is God calling me but he’s calling me to rough seas. That’s where faith is tested.

In the story of Jesus walking on water, Peter had to have enormous faith to step out of the boat. Peter knows he can’t walk on water yet it’s where Jesus is. In order to meet Jesus sometimes we have to go where we can’t, by ourselves. What brings me peace is that even if we lose faith and start to sink, like Peter, Jesus will be there to grab our hand. He will pick us up. He will put us back in the boat and calm the storm. And after that, we will say things like, “Truly you are the Son of God.”

Storms, initiated by God, can lead to greater faith and awareness than we ever imagined. As I step out of the boat over the next few months the fear of a storm is real. But there is peace in knowing that, storm or no storm, Jesus will be there. He will catch me and I will be in awe. Is that not the goal? That’s why we live day to day, to be in awe of the one who created us. And when we are enamored with something we want to tell the world about it. Jesus is King.

So, my thought is this, don’t let the threat of a storm keep you from sailing. Life will have storms but again, like Peter, we have to get out of the boat. We have to focus on the truth, Jesus.

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