Worship along the way

This will be my theme over the next few months. My last post was about being obedient and following God’s call. This one is simply me working through that as I feel it in the moment. My pastor said something last week and I felt it noteworthy. The sermon was titled “leading through uncertainty” and how to do it well. One point he made was that we are to worship along the way. Amidst uncertainty we are called to worship Jesus. It’s not a destination dependent situation. It’s not, “I’ll worship when I get there” or “I’ll worship until it gets hard.” The reality of being a Christian is that we are called to worship even in the darkness, especially in the darkness.

I’m growing in my understanding of the worship. I used to think it was standing and singing in church. You know, the lady with her arms raised, eyes closed and slight sway going on. To me, that meant worship. I always felt inadequate when it came to worship because I’ve never been one to get into praise music. It’s never been my favorite part of a church service, although I must say I am growing to like it more and more as years pass. Regardless, that was my general understanding of the term worship. Here’s the technical definition: “the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for God.”

Apparently worship can be as simple as a feeling, as long as that feeling is for God. Who knew??

This changes everything. Writing, reading, humming, singing in the shower, prayer, service, workouts, you name it, they can all be forms of worship with the right intentions. Worship is accessible because God is accessible.

Why does this matter? How does it relate to worshipping through life stages?

It matters because the more time we spend worshipping, however it looks, the more we acknowledge our need to submit. I’m starting to think that worship is an act of submission mixed with gratitude. What better way to fear the Lord than to be thankful and submit our will to His? That is worship, to me. It’s being intentional about having no intentions. We get to recognize the glory of God in our everyday life. My goal for the coming months is to worship. I hope to find new ways of expressing my love for Jesus in this time. This will be good.

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  1. Nice!


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