Good medicine

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

Give me a second to make my point before you judge the writing. We have a new puppy. His name is Silas. Silas is an awesome dog and learns new tricks everyday. He needs to be taken outside every 90 minutes to use the bathroom or he will regrettably go on the floor. He’s fluffy and cute and has brought a whole new dynamic to our little apartment. I think our plants are a little jealous of this new creature as it may be affecting their status on the totem pole. We love this little guy despite the new routine that means getting up at 4:30 am everyday. He’s doing it for me, really, I get to be productive earlier, right?

At the end of the day we are learning as much about him as he is about us. Dogs do not have the ability to hide emotion. They have this thing attached to their butt and it wags or does not wag based on the emotion the dog is feeling in a given moment. It’s called a tail. Have you ever noticed this? I have been staring at tails for the last two weeks, sorry Hana. Every interaction is different and as the owner of a dog it’s my job to make sure that things stay calm. I don’t just look at HIS tail I look at all the dogs he comes in contact with. Each dog has a personality and each one can’t hide emotion. The tail is a give away every time.

Here’s my connection, people have the ability to hide emotions and we do it all the time. We hide joy because we are afraid of being hurt. We had pain because we are afraid of being taken advantage of. We hide our true selves because we’re afraid the world won’t accept us. You and I don’t have tails but what if we did? What if you could not hide your feelings and they were on display? When I read proverbs 17:22 this was my thought. Living with a cheerful heart is something we can learn from a puppy. Unless you’re some weirdo that doesn’t like dogs I think everyone can agree that spending time with a puppy is good medicine. That should also be the case with you and me when we interact with those around us. Learning how to be cheerful means showing up with minimal expectations. Just be happy to be alive and included in whatever it is you are a part of. What if being with you for an hour brought a similar amount of joy as being with a playful puppy? What if other people felt better after spending time with you? I think that we have the ability to fill other up with our attitude and that is always something we can control. Our spirit cannot be dictated by others. We get to decide. Decide to be the kind of person that displays a cheerful heart instead of a crushed spirit. Be that person for your friends and your family.

Be good medicine.  

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