My passion

Find your passion. That’s what we are told to do, right? We are all supposed to have one and lately, the goal is to make your passion align with you work and by that I mean income. So many people are making the step from “passion project” to everyday life.

My passion has developed over time and definitely over the last two or three years. I can confidently say that in this moment, I have a passion for bringing light to men being vulnerable. The word vulnerable struck me over a year ago and it won’t leave me alone. It’s like God was giving me direction and that direction was simply to be vulnerable, to be my truest self. In order to be my truest self I had to figure out what that was. Over the last year I have been working on just that, figuring out who I am, what my motives are, and what things need to be in my life to sustain health. It’s been an awesome experience and one I hope never ends. Learning about ourselves is a gift, a luxury really. It is a blessing to even have these thoughts and this experience. I am wholly aware that many people all over the world cannot even think about themselves for a second because they are watching out for loved ones and worrying about meals. That’s not me but it does force me to appreciate my privileges. It also forces me to evaluate what I am doing with the blessing I receive. Am I doing the work necessary to enhance my gifts or am I neglecting the hard work?

The hard work for me is leaning into emotion. Most men are taught to neglect emotion or that emotions are a sign of weakness. Our lives are built around this notion that we are not to have insecurities or struggle with mental and emotional health. We are to push through. Until recently I was generally okay with that stigma. It felt normal and right. It wasn’t until I went out on a limb and explored my mind and motives that I realized life could be so much better. Not just better for me but for everyone I interact with. The more I have looked inside myself the more I have realized how few people are doing it with confidence. I know in my heart that it is okay for me to have emotions, to be vulnerable. That makes me a genuine person and I want nothing more than to live an authentic life. In order to do that I have to allow myself to be real. And the real me wants other guys to lean into their emotional health. I think their lives will be better, relationships will be better, organizations and businesses will be better. Women will be able to lead more effectively. I truly believe that the world will be a better place for it.

I don’t know exactly where this passion is going to lead me but I know that I have to be obedient to it. I want men to be the healthiest versions of themselves they can be. Guys don’t like to enter a state of vulnerability but I don’t think we have a choice anymore. I think the world has evolved and we (men) need to with it.

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