Already Clean?

You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you

John 15: 3

Before I start I would encourage you to go and read the entire chapter of John 15. It’s the one with vines and branches. It’s easy to take a single verse and paint a picture different than the original so I hope you are always going back and reading the surrounding versus to gain context.

I have been in John for several weeks now and this passage, which I had read before, made me think. Verse three has always been an intruiging concept for me. My entire life I have been told that people are dirty filthy creatures and that nothing we do changes that. Even Christians seem to still fall in the dirty category. And I agree that there is nothing I can do to change that but I also believe that Jesus already changed it for me. While I may be inadequate and unqualified, I believe that I am clean. That is why Jesus came to this earth, to reconcile us with the Father. Why then, would we not be clean if that was His goal? I don’t believe that constantly believing that I am wretch is healthy. It’s a battle not worth fighting because we cannot change it, if that’s the truth. But if I am clean and spotless because of what Jesus did, then I can lean on Him in all the ways that I am not strong, which is numerous. I can submit to Him under the assumption that He is the reason I am clean and even have the ability to lay my burdens on Him.

I’ve never loved the teaching that we are dirty and always will be. I don’t believe that. We are made new in Christ, clean. For me, feeling clean does not diminish my need to rest with Jesus. Instead it makes for a much healthier relationship. One of appreciation and trust. I give thanks for what He did and trust Him to keep showing up for me.

Dirty people don’t have the confidence to do great things. Clean people, that know why they are clean have confidence.

I am genuinely interested, what do you believe? How have you experienced the clean vs. dirty scenario and how has it affected you? Do you think of yourself as dirty or clean?

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