Be an arrow

Have you heard of the proximity principle? It essentially says that when you are near the right people, the right things start to happen. I assume it can also go the other way, wrong people, wrong things. Super short summary but does this make sense?

There is a story in Acts about man named Philip. This guy, Philip, was obedient and when a command from the Lord was given, he followed it. On this particular day an angel came to Philip and told him to go stand near a chariot with a man who did not know Christ, inside.

29 The Spirit told Philip, “Go to that chariot and stay near it.”

Philip did not grumble, he did not dilly dally, but he ran! He ran to the chariot that he was told to stand next to. As he was standing outside he overheard the man inside reading from Isaiah and judging from the next line, he must have been confused. It’s at this moment that Philip asks him, “hey dude, do you understand what you’re reading?” To which the man replied…

31 “How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.

Acts 8:31

Read that verse again, please. Seriously, read it again…

This verse made me think of the proximity principle in a different light. Up until this point I had interpreted it as, “I need to be close to the right people in order to advance my career.” Largly, I had not thought of the proximity principle in terms of my faith and posture. So, there are two things I take from this short passage, Acts 8:26-40, GO and be an ARROW.

So, to go, simply means to be obedient. I wrote about this subject a few months ago HERE. To summarize that post I’ll say this, we often miss God’s calling on our lives because we don’t take the first step. I’ve grown to believe that that’s all He is asking of us. To take the first step and follow in obedience. Philip did not question or drag his feet, he simply went. And he did it at a sprint. When God speaks, GO.

The biggest thing I took away and what led me to write this is that we are supposed to be an arrow pointing to Christ. And that’s it. We need to be close enough to others so that when we point, they see him. When someone has a question, are you close enough to point? This is the proximity principle isn’t it? To be close enough that when someone needs an arrow, you are there pointing.

Take a few minutes when you can and ask yourself if you are like Philip or not. Are you listening and obeying so that when you are needed, you are close to others?

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