happy father’s day

This is to and for my dad. I love you.

My dad is the best man I have ever known and will ever know. I could use words like mentor, role model, or hero but nothing seems to reflect my affection for my dad. Make no mistake this is for him, I’m simply posting it here to make mention that men can and should show emotions.

There are two things that I love to remember when I think about you. One is the Joshua and Caleb story from the Bible. You would always tell it before or during a sporting event when you knew we needed a push. Even as a kid I knew how important that story was and as insignificant as little league sports were, you made them real and important. So many lessons were learned, like the second thing I loved hearing. It was a simple phrase, “the cream rises to the top.” That meant the world to me and still does. Every time a clutch moment would present itself you would pull me aside and say “the cream rises to the top, make a play.” I want you to know that you being my coach as a kid was important to me, I cherish those memories.

I also want you to know that your impact affects me everyday. Those stories were reflected in how you rose to the occasion and loved Zach and I, and still do. They show up in how you love Mom. I feel equipped in my marriage because I got to grow up with you. Thank you for being the best dad to me but also to those kids that weren’t as lucky and didn’t have someone like you. I saw that and I was never jealous but always proud. You always saw the ones that needed you and you still do. Often times I ask myself what I am going to contribute to this world, how am I going to leave a mark? If you’ve ever asked that question let me answer it, you are the best father and the closest thing to my Heavenly Father that will ever walk this earth. I know Jesus because of you and Mom. I don’t have to question what fatherly love is like.

Thank you for being my mentor, my role model, my hero, MY dad.

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