Heart of Discipline

These blog posts require discipline, but probably not in the way you would think. I don’t have a structured schedule that calls for me to write 100 words every night until the post is complete. Often times I do very little research prior to sitting down to write. Life happens, people, and you’ve heard me talk lots about it. As I sit here, it is 5:23 pm on Monday the 18th. I will post this within four hours of right this second. On the outside and in most cases this could be viewed as undisciplined.

I want to talk for minute about a heart of discipline. I heard this in church yesterday and it fell right in line with what I was planning to write about anyway, the word discipline. When we feel called to something it takes words like obedience and submission to grasp the magnitude of a true calling. It is something you cannot just walk away from. It cannot be a surface level attitude. When I think of being disciplined I think of completing tasks that God has asked me to do. Whether it is blindly following or thoughtfully pursued, discipline gets it done. As I sit in this moment, not having any words to work from, I feel a little blind. I feel like this is me doing something because God placed it on my heart. If it were up to me, I probably would have made up a good excuse for why I didn’t post. I would not have been pleased with myself but I could have taken that route. Instead God is tugging me along. And this is my point, when we submit ourselves to something larger, a kingdom calling, it becomes bigger than us. We gain a level of strength that only comes from a heart of discipline. Because I have written every week for almost a year, I am equipped to pray and write my way through.

How are you being trained in discipline? Can you recognize when it is God taking over?

This post is a true depiction of what this writing journey is about. I planned to write about discipline over a week ago and thought that it would be this exciting post that I would have put tons of thought into, but here we are. Here’s what is beautiful about this moment. God asks us to show up, he asks us to submit, to be obedient. He does not ask us to do all of the work. Discipline is a practice and I would ask you to slow down and take notice when God shows up to help. Have a heart of discipline and just keep showing up.

God, you did this. You spoke these words. You have been speaking these words and I appreciate you. Thank you for teaching us to have a heart of discipline. I ask that you would bless those who are practicing discipline and help them stop to admire you. We need to look at you more and today you stopped me. Thank you. Amen.

1 thought on “Heart of Discipline

  1. You amaze me with every post! Good job!


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