Lent 2019

I started writing and posting on my blog a little over a year ago. It all started on Ash Wednesday, 2018. Instead of giving something up for Lent I wanted to addsomething. That something was writing but more than that I wanted to share it. So, I sent my close guy friends a text and let them know what my plan was andif they were cool with it, I was going to send them a devotion every week of Lent. I didn’t really have any plans beyond that. Certainly didn’t see myself writing weekly for an entire year. It’s cool to go through my previous post and see what I was thinking and how I interpreted that into words. I think it would be easy for me to look at some of the older posts and judge myself based offthe 2018 version of me. Some of thoughts are different, now. No better or worsejust different. I am so proud of myself for writing each week for a year,(consistency started in July). I grow a little bit with every post and I lovebeing able to reflect back to see that.

Thank youto those that have read many of the words I post, whether you agree with them or not. Thank you to those who have commented and offered encouragement thislast year. Thank you, Jesus for giving me over 27,000 words to write. I firmly believe that each one is a gift. Each one is prayed for.

Having said that, I just want to offer some encouragement in return. Whether you have a history of participating in Lent or not, I think you should think about it this and here’s why. For me, Lent has always been a wonderful excuse to try something new. I’ve done the no sweets, no meat, no social media, etc. I have also added things like daily reading, daily prayer, daily writing. The point is, whatever you choose to do or not do for forty days, it should be done thoughtfully. It should be in alignment with God. Every time you want that piece of chocolate, you should say a quick prayer. Our “something” does not need to be earth shattering but it should be a daily reminder, for forty days, to look up. To see Jesus and seek Jesus. That is my interpretation of Lent and that is how I treat it. The best part of using these forty days is that it gives you an out. When normally you would be the weird kid not eating the cake, now you are the devout believer practicing their faith… (supposed to be slightly humorous). Use these next forty days to train your body to acknowledge God in a new and different way. Use Lent as a convenient excuse to do something you have wanted to do but were afraid to explain why you were doing it.

Fasting has become a cultural norm lately with different diets, so don’t let this confuse you. For the next forty day, fast. Starve yourself of this earth, of the things that weigh you down. Remove those barriers and temptations so that you can be closer to Jesus. Lent is a time of fasting but don’t mistake that to mean that it is a time to do less. God wants you more. I pray for you and whatever journey is starting for you. I pray that you have the courage and strength to obey God more than you ever have. Grow closer to Him these next forty days. It really could change your life.

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