Six months

So I had this big long, almost angry rant typed out for this post. Upon further review I was writing as if I had been provoked, as if something made a pointed statement in my direction that warranted this particular response. Mind you, I was in a great mood. It was a slow Sunday morning before church and I was just typing away. But in that jumble of words I was defensive and using potty words like this was the last argument I would ever make. After letting those words stew for a while I decided to re-evaluate, something I am working hard to do lately. It seemed as though I was projecting my view of things on you, the reader, for no apparent reason. My topic? Marriage. Particularly how it relates to being a newlywed and how I feel like my opinion is just as valid as those who have been married for years. And maybe it is but man was I going about it the wrong way.

My point is this, marriage is a gift. This means two things, the first being that not everyone receives it. While it is a goal for many people it is not necessarily available to all. I am hyper aware of the fact that not everyone has been giventhe same gift that I have. Not just the fact that Hana is fantastic but also that I have been able to change and mold and grow. Marriage is bigger than theother person and there are too many variables for it to be accidental. And because it cannot be accidental it must be cherished. It’s like getting the best Christmas gift ever, knowing and being completely content with never getting another gift again. Because you know you won’t get this gift again,what should you do? Cherish it. Take care of it. Love it everyday because youdon’t get another one. This is the best gift.

I will be unapologetic and unashamed by how I love my wife. I for sure don’t know everything but I am not going to sit back wait until we reach the age of “credibility” to feel good about sharing. I am going to wake up everyday and love this marriage with everything I have. And you know what, I have faith that this attitude will help us get through those inevitable tough times. I’m not discounting that marriage requires work but all of our dreams require work. I love working on this dream.

I did not write this to flaunt or gain praise. I wrote this because I really do love my wife and I want people, namely guys to know it’s okay to talk about how much we love our wives. We all need constant reminders. We all gain when one relationship gets stronger. I believe strong marriages can and will change our culture for the better. Six months or fifty years, it takes all kinds and I think we can all learn from each other.

Marriage is hard work. Hearing this has become one of my favorites because it doesn’t have to be negative. Working at something you want to be successful is admirable no matter what the context but the power that lies behind putting work into your marriage will most likely be the most rewarding thing you ever work at. 

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” Colossians 3:23

2 thoughts on “Six months

  1. Outstanding post

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    1. Thanks!
      A full six months of wisdom.


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