Holistic Nature (part 2)

This writing will be fairly short. I want to take just a few minutes to highlight the Restorer mindset when it comes to creating that positive culture I talked about last week. The title for this post should give away a fair amount. Restorers see every place as a place of hope. There is no aspect of life that is off limits. Whether it is school, work, or anything else, our love for people and “common good” thinking has to show up.

While I may not stay on this topic very long I firmly believe that this may be the most vital piece to restoration. I think that far too often we hide what we really believe and/or don’t carry those actions into every arena of our lives. If you have read my stuff in the past then you know how guilty I have been of being that kind of Christian, the kind that turns it on and off. Every conversation or scenario was subject to a different version of Kelly. I decided what I wished for others to know and I decided how I put my faith on display or in most cases, didn’t.

As a quick refresher, the Next Christians, outlined in the book I am reading are those that are trying to restore the world one small act at a time. The next Christians are a group that I am working hard to identify with. I want to be and I want to be viewed as a Restorer. What I am learning about this group of people is that no situation is off limits. There is no part of my life that should be shielded from my faith. Having said that let me tell you what that does not mean. It does not mean that I have to profess my faith and preach everywhere I go with the words I use. What it does mean is that I must, by at least my actions and spirit, let it be known that I follow the One who loves all people, Jesus.

The holistic nature of a restorer or the next Christian is simply referring to the art of taking Jesus everywhere. There is nowhere that you go that Jesus should not also go. It’s never inappropriate and next week I am going to share how this is done in a practical way. I’m sure there is a better analogy for me to use but this is what comes to my mind, sometimes Jesus is the younger sibling that you want to leave at home. I am that younger sibling and I’ve got friends that have had to endure that younger sibling. The point is this, you acted differently because your little brother or sister tagged along, didn’t you? You may not have enjoyed acting differently but the truth is, your sibling was holding you accountable. You didn’t want to be a bad influence or negatively impact them. I think sometimes we treat Jesus like the younger sibling. We know that having Him around will cause us to act differently, to be accountable for our actions and that is not always what we want, but I think that is the best version of ourselves.

So, when it comes down to the holistic nature of being a Restorer we have to remember that Jesus is the best tagalong. He is not a buzz kill and if there is somewhere that we don’t want Him, we probably shouldn’t be there ourselves. I think this not so simple act is the way to restoration. We need to take Jesus with us. We need to let Him show up in all areas of our lives. He wants to be with us so bad and having Him around will never be the wrong thing to do.

Prayer: Lord, will you bug me? Will you nag me? Will you love me so much that you never leave me alone? God, I want you to show up everywhere with me even if I am avoiding you. You know better than I do, so please tag along in every aspect of my life. Shine through me. Amen.

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