Someone may need it

When I started this weekly writing thing almost three months ago I put a few words on my “About” page of the website. It was how I was feeling at the time and my motivations for moving forward with the blog. It has not taken me long to realize that I need to modify the words there. If you have not ventured to that page I would encourage you to check it out.

The words mean a lot and they are all still true but like I said, something needs to be added. The part where I wrote that someone may read the words I write comes across as insecure. With that being said I would like to add to my “about” section and it goes something like this:

Someone may actually NEED these words. Over the last few weeks, I have been brainstorming ways to get my words into more devices, i.e. have more readers. The more books I read and podcast I listen to the more I understand my purpose. It is to be bold and create change. I think that phrase is constantly changing. My definition of boldness is evolving. What seemed bold three months ago does not feel the same now. My new bold feels scarier than the last. Creating change means constantly creating. What I am realizing is that my “why” is becoming pronounced. Someone needs these words. Someone needs me to be bold so that you can be bold. Someone needs the encouragement to create change. Whether it is changing the world or simply changing the way they view themselves. To me, it is of the same importance. I’m sure my feelings will shift but at this moment I don’t feel pressure to use the right words but I do feel pressure to make sure they are available. I think God is asking me to take a tiny step forward. FYI, doesn’t feel so tiny.

My always growing faith has allowed me to understand that sometimes I will mess up, sometimes I will say the wrong thing but every time God is there. I pray every day for the words that I write. That somehow, someway they are the words you need. And my encouragement to you is to share your voice. We all have a unique way of viewing the world and yours may resonant with others better than mine. In fact, I am 100% positive that your words can do that. Your story can do that.

Will you help me share this message? Will you help me share my story? Will you start sharing yours?

On November 5th I am going to start posting a link to my blog on Facebook every week. I know I know posting on Facebook, what’s the big deal? One, I don’t post on Facebook. Never really been my thing. But more than that, Facebook means combining two worlds. So far, my work life and personal life have remained pretty separate. This will bring the two much closer. It’s the vulnerable feeling all over again. The fear of not being obedient is outweighing the fear of the unknown. The fear of coming across as arrogant for thinking my decision to post on Facebook is a big enough deal to write about. Or that my words are important enough to cause fear. In my mind, they aren’t my words. Kelly wouldn’t go out on a limb like this (sorry about the third person talk).

Bottom line, my faith is becoming stronger with each step I take. I want other people to see that. I want them to experience it. If an introvert like me can be a little bold than so can you.

Be a little bold. It’s addicting.

4 thoughts on “Someone may need it

  1. Thank you for choosing the words that I need to hear! I have enjoyed reading your post and find myself looking for new post from you daily!


    1. Thank you for reading and sharing!!


  2. As always, inspired and impressed!


  3. Alanna Kilpatrick October 30, 2018 — 4:00 am

    You definitely have a talent for writing ! Love the blog. I read one post then found myself reading them all. Keep it up and keep sharing!


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