I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Over the last week and a half, Hana and I have been showered with love and support from family and friends. With our wedding being two weekends ago I have had time to reflect and notice all of the work that others did for us. Our wedding day would not have been possible had it not been for so many people dedicated to making it the best day. No doubt, the best day.

The DJ for the wedding made a comment about how our ceremony and fellowship time made it feel like heaven on earth. At the moment I obviously agreed but even now, looking back, it truly was heaven on earth. Our family (including friends) were so helpful. Words cannot do it justice. The love that was displayed can only be compared to heaven. I am not writing this to simply make a point or highlight those that helped. I am writing to convey the genuine appreciation for everyone involved. Even those that were not there that have impacted our lives.

If you have been to a wedding, you have heard the toasts. Happy memories are shared and parting words are given to the newlyweds. Our toasts were given by the ones that know us the best. And it was not just advice, but admiration for Hana and me, and our relationship. I want to point out that while we do strive to show Jesus with our relationship and it makes my heart joyful to know that someone has noticed, we cannot take all of the credit. In fact, I won’t even take a majority of the credit.

The toast I didn’t make:

Thank you. Thank each and every one of you that have watched us grow up and supported us along the way. You are each role models in your own right. You simply being in our lives is the reason that we have learned to love each other this deeply. The kind words spoken towards us today are reflections of each of you. We are so incredibly humbled by the overflowing blessings that you are in our lives. This day would be nothing without you. Yes, marriage is a celebration of two people coming together. But more than that, it is the joining of families and friends. A wedding is the one place for all loved ones to come together and share a moment that will last forever. I hope that this moment will last in your hearts. Because our marriage today is made beautiful by the joyous hearts that we share a life with. Thank you for your kindness, believing, and faithfulness to our relationship. So, cheers.

I know I posted about marriage last time and I will post about it in the future but I think it deserves it. I am not scared of entering this sacred marriage. I am hopeful. I believe that our support cast is stronger than anything we will face as a couple. I know that God is bigger than our problems and I think he proves it by giving us loving people to support our journey. My hope is that we, Hana and I, can be that support to those around us in our lifetime. Love is bigger than one marriage. Love is for everyone.

Because this gratitude is shared equally between Hana and me for all of the friends and family that made our wedding day possible– I asked her to step out of her comfort zone and put into words her “thanks” as well.

Hana: The entire ride to our honeymoon Kelly and I reflected on our wedding day and just went back in forth mentioning how this person contributed in this way or this person helped make this happen by doing this. We went on and on for hours and finally, the conversation was concluded by Kelly wrapping up our feelings with the statement “we are so lucky”. This statement has been the resounding statement in my head and prayers all week and as “out of my comfort zone” as I am in trying to put my feelings on a page I am also so very grateful for the opportunity. Kelly is so much better at all of this than I am (that’s why I married him) but I truly think he hit the nail on the head when he said “I believe that our support cast is stronger than anything we will face as a couple,” and those words were validated by our wedding weekend. So many people played a part in making our wedding what it was– from having family friends cutting wood to make our alter, having bridesmaids arrange bouquets, having loved ones come to my apartment and wash sheets and clothes so that we had an easier transition back into reality while we were on our honeymoon, or even having a friend step up an act as a wedding coordinator because she knew we needed someone to take charge– people that loved us stepped up to the plate not only to help things go smoothly but also help make our day exactly what we imagined it to be… And I think this act of service from our family and friends is such a beautiful insight to what they will be willing to do for our marriage in order to help it be all that we imagine it to be. I may be naive in saying it but I truly think Kelly and I have “got this”– a big part of that can be attributed to God, some of that can be attributed to how stinkin’ much I Iove that man, but to all of our sweet friends it is my honor to let you know that I think in our lifetime together some of that confidence comes from having a wonderful support system like you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and all you will do in the future– we cannot tell you how much we appreciate you.


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