Forgive and Forget

Last week I mentioned there were two things that my verse taught me. One was accountability and the other was forgiveness. The whole concept of “I screw up, I feel shame,” wasn’t healthy.

I was at church a few weeks ago and the pastor said that God doesn’t just forgive, but He forgets. Have you heard this? Maybe this was the first time I was actually listening, but it sounded so foreign but so great! Forgiveness is something that we all struggle with. It’s not easy. It requires effort. It requires discomfort. We all want it, but don’t always love giving it. I’ve been taught my whole life that God forgives. We can mess up and then all we need to do is ask for forgiveness and He will grant it. For me, I struggle to realize the grace that God shows toward me. I understand the notion of forgiveness but like most things, it is more difficult in practice. When I heard about this idea that God FORGETS, I was blown away.

Here’s the explanation as I understand it: God forgives and forgets our sin. Because He is perfect and sin is imperfect the two cannot coexist. He cannot hang on to sin like we do. That is the perfection in Him. Because of this, when we ask for forgiveness and acknowledge sin in our lives, God forgives and then immediately forgets. Yes, you heard me right. Forgets. I can’t forget about the things I’ve done. The people I’ve hurt or things I’ve said, but God can. For so long I was afraid that God was keeping a record of my wrongs and I would have to answer for each one when I got there. And maybe that’s still the case, but it is freeing to have a picture of God looking down on me and you with kind eyes. Eyes that have forgotten our imperfections. He doesn’t see you — as you see you. He sees perfection. He sees good.

My point? God is cool. I find that some of the things I write sound very similar to things that I’ve written in the past. Like this resembles the blogs I wrote on “love.” I’m okay with that. Becuase we are so imperfect, we need constant reminders. We need to wake up and remember that God has forgotten about what we did yesterday. Assuming you took those things to Him in prayer. I am a firm believer that we should be in constant conversation with God. This is somewhat new to me. I have always prayed and in some cases, they have been out loud, but lately, I have adopted something new. I try to be in conversation with God all day. When I get in my truck and head to work, I turn the music off and literally talk out loud to God. Is it weird? For sure. Becuase of Bluetooth, my hope is that people on both sides, assume my other ear has an earpiece and that I am not actually talking to myself…Are people judging me? I would hope so. It’s not normal. And that’s okay. I hear so many people, including myself, that say they never hear from God. My response is now, do you talk to Him? Do you give Him things to respond to? My answer was usually, no. I prayed for the same things, safety, security, comfort, etc. and I myself found out that growth doesn’t happen there.

God is conversational. The dude loves hearing from us. He loves when you say “good morning,” or just talk about your day. Much like we enjoy hearing from our loved ones, He loves hearing from us. How exhausting would it be if your family only came to you with problems? Things they needed you to do? That is not conversation. How do you expect God to respond when all we ever do is express problems or a wish list?

How does this tie into forgiveness? Imagine having a conversation with someone who you know has no knowledge of the bad things you’ve done in life. Their eyes do not judge, everything you say is taken at face value. They have no reason not to trust you or listen to the things you say. They are the best listener. How freeing must it feel to have a conversation with someone like that. God is the best listener but He also responds. When it becomes conversation and less of a ritual, God starts to answer. If you make room for Him and be on the lookout for the little things, you’ll see His response. It may be unexpected. It probably won’t look like what you were anticipating, but often times His response to us is so much better and more than we could ask for.



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Book- The Road Less Traveled, By M. Scott Peck, M.D.


1 thought on “Forgive and Forget

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog posts. Keep it up. God is being honored by you.

    We are able to forgive and release others who have hurt us because we have first been forgiven by God. Forgiveness is one of the first steps involved in inner healing – the healing many of us need for past wounds/hurts/traumas that have happened to us and that affect our behaviors when we view life through the lenses of those past wounds. Forgiveness is an amazing aspect of our relationship with Jesus!

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