This site is for all people. I have two goals in writing. One is to get things out in the open. Bottling up emotions has never worked for me and probably won’t work for you either. Two, my hope is that you feel your worth by reading these words. Regardless of your background, faith, or anything else, I pray that you read something here that makes you feel worth it. There is no expert¬†spiritual advice on this site, and I have not invested so well as to become rich and tell you, you can too. I am normal.

I started this out of selfishness. I needed to write and I needed to be vulnerable. If both happen here, all is well. However, in my writing, I realized someone may read it. Out of curiosity, or clicking the wrong link, someone may actually read these words. So now, I am thinking about you. We may never meet or speak at all but know that you are important. Whether you like it or not, I have prayed for you. I will share my extraordinarily normal life with you in hopes that you make sense of your own life.

What I have learned in just a few short months is that someone may need your story, too. You have experiences unique to your life and there is a person out there looking to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to share yourself. It’s scary and bold and it may be so far out of your comfort zone but do it anyway. Be bold and create change.

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